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In accordance with your wishes, we have designed various arrangements that include rafting on the river Tara, numerous hiking and mountaineering tours in the National Parks Durmitor and Sutjeska, cruising Piva Lake, camping, horseback riding, fishing, canyoning, visits to ethno villages and more. We offer arrangements with accommodation on Sćepan polje.


Rafting Tarom

Riding a four-wheeler

1h - 40€

Piva Lake Cruise

1h - 30€

Zip line

24 € per person

"Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage."

Paulo Koeljo


Holiday bungalows are located in Plužine, Rosulje, next to Piva Lake.
Holiday bungalows have 6 accommodation units (cottages)

camping space

The bungalows have a large yard with a lot of greenery. It is possible to camp in your own tents. There is also space for a caravan.